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Bringing decades of past experience as well as innovative visions for the future, Renzo Rivolta Design continues to offer a unique perspective into the world of architecture, marine design and fine art.



Since 1938 the Rivolta name has been synonymous with design excellence, sweeping from land to sea as the companies of the Rivolta Group bring innovative and responsible product development to a new generation. Today, Renzo Rivolta, as part of this new international generation, aspires to continue with the ideals and standards set forth by his father and grandfather before him, who believed innovation and reliability could be combined in products of lasting worth.

Born into a creative entrepreneurial family in Milano, Italy, Renzo has been managing the family companies together with his father, Piero Rivolta. Having spent most of his time either in the factory overseeing the construction of yachts or out in the field inspecting the construction of the companies’ latest residential developments, custom homes, commercial projects and mixed-use buildings, Renzo Rivolta has the experience and the practicality to design and build products extraordinarily well.

Renzo understands that capturing the client’s vision and making the transition from design to actual build in an efficient manner and within budget are the keys to successful design.

The Rivolta automotive tradition “Iso Rivolta” is carried onward successfully by Renzo’s sister, Marella, whose company is located in Milano, Italy ( and specializes in not only the design of luxury sports cars, but in transportation and product design as a whole. Marella also collaborates with Renzo on international mixed-use and residential architectural projects.

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32 South Osprey Ave. Suite 203

Sarasota, FL 34236

Tel. 941-954-0355

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